Safe and Effective Cleanse Part 1

Dr. Kyle Knox, DC CCSP – Westlake Village CA.  Owner and CEO Synergy Health Chiropractic

While looking on Facebook one day a post came to my attention where a patient was talking about a simple 5 day cleanse she was taking.  The problem was not the cleanse she was taking and the strict regimen of juice only, but the comments that were following on the post.  Some of the comments were talking about the dangers of juicing and the complete waist of time that juicing was.  This article is going to outline some science on cleanses and what we know thus far. 

A detox and cleanse in my eyes represents a time in your year where you completely set aside the crud.  Eating clean, thinking clean and moving clean to reset your body to a state of health.  The reason for this mindset comes from 11 years in the industry and seeing almost every approach out there.  Gimmicks have no place in someone’s health and well being.  A good example of this is a cleanse I have come across where they claim to lose 20 lbs. in 10 days.  Seriously!?!?  Number one, how is that healthy? And number two where is the set up for long term success and good habits to counter act the oh so common yo yo effect.

  Oh and before I forget, there was a comment made against Dr. Mercola on the posting.  This man has done way too much good in his career to be shot down so easy.  Yes his company does make a living off of ad space, but who wouldn’t based on all the good they put out in the world.  Also when looking at ad space on a webpage, look at the sources of the money.  If a health driven blog or site has nothing but pharmaceutical ads you can bet they are not talking wellness and health.

Signs of a good Detox/Cleanse Program

  • Includes organic food

  • Includes juicing

  • Includes a well rounded whole food supplement

  • Includes light exercise

  • Includes clean protein at small increments.

Juicing done right.  It is great to incorporate but not to replace food.