I don’t need no stinking Back Pain.

Dr. Kyle Knox, DC CCSP Westlake Village CA 91362

I don’t need no stinking Back Pain

Back pain is like taxes.  We don’t like them but we know it will come around in our life ready or not.  The key to back pain is to know your not alone and that there are a lot of different causes and solutions.  Here are a few common reasons for back pain that do not come from cancer, arthritis, pathology, infection, etc.  This means the lifestyle and day to day reasons for back pain.


  1. You got to move it move it.

    • Yah you heard it.  Move it or lose it.  The lower back likes motion and stability, not compression and trauma.  Every 4 hours you sit in a chair, at a desk, like a letter “C”, you are compressing the lower back.  No bueno.  The lower back does not like this stagnant compression and over a few years will start causing damage in the way of disk bulging and dehydration of the disks.
    • SOLUTION:  Get up every hour and do a light stretch like the one in the video below.  This break in your routine will give a little fluid motion to the spine and hydration.  Try to also drink plenty of water. 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily.  I weigh 180 lbs., so ill drink 90 ounces of water daily to hydrate my lower back and tissues in the body.
  2. Core exercise done wrong.

    • How many doctors have you gone to and heard, “all you need to do is core strengthen!?”  They don’t even know if it is beneficial or what to do most of the time.  With all due respect leave the Pharmaceuticals to the MD’s.  Find a good Sports Chiropractor who knows Kiniseology and have them help you with a program.  They will also help technique so your doing the movements correctly.  Yes, I know what your thinking right now. “What about a good trainer?”  I agree, but if you’re having back pain start with a good sports chiropractor.Photo1
  3. Use da Glut not da back.

    • Posture is the key to any movement.  A break down in posture is in my eyes the key to 80% of back pain at least.  I will get into this more during the next blog post “Buns of Core.”  For now I will leave you with the idea that the more you strengthen the true core and gluts, the more load you will take off the back and thus less back pain.