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Wellness Plan

Message from the Co-Owner’s and founders

Dr. Kyle Knox, DC and Aislynn Knox, Precision Nutrition

By looking at the photo you can see we like to take ourselves super serious.  The process of health is a journey of climbing a mountain and falling in a valley.  We are dedicating this website to our children, families and friends so that they may find a little bit of something to keep climbing that mountain.  We are honored you have taken the time to look at the information and join us in this fun journey towards health.

Why a Wellness Plan?

Have you ever heard of a financial plan or a business plan? Why are they created in the first place?  It has been shown statistically that a business with a financial and business plan have a far better chance in surviving their first year than one without. 

So why should we treat our health any different?

The problem is no one has ever built a simple to use wellness plan.  There are a lot of the pieces out there but never put together for you to follow easily.  It is our goal to give you the pieces and to also organize those pieces to fit into your daily life that is so busy and stressful at time.  Believe us when we say we know the stress.  We run two full time businesses, have two beautiful children and still find the time for health.  The WHY has to be big enough to do this though.  There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

Wellness Plan

  • Tools to create a Wellness plan

  • Daily nutrition

  • Daily Exercise and Stretching

  • Daily personal development

  • Daily mental health